New midwives

We are proud to present you our two new midwives. Welcome Nuria and Sharifatu! Nuria and Sherifatu are two experienced midwives who are joining our MamaWise team. Both are also working at different hospitals in Tamale. Happy to have you amongst us, ladies!

From left to right: Erin, Sharifatu, Nadia, Nuria and Lotte

We are thrilled to receive a generous donation from Hopman ERA Makelaars. Thank you for your generosity and support!

100% of the donation will go directly towards MamaWise’s mission to reduce preventable maternal and infant mortality in Northern Ghana.


Welcome at the MamaWise website!

It’s official! MamaWise has been officially registered as a foundation. Together with Jessica Hendriks, Nico Bierhuizen and Lotte Bierhuizen as board members.

Behind the scenes we are working hard on all the preparations in order to get MamaWise up and running. Together with Casper Zuidwijk we are editing and designing our website. We cannot wait to share all our information and news with you here. Please, also check out or Facebook page and Twitter.
Stay tuned and see you soon!