Adopt a Mama

Do you want to adopt a Ghanaian Mama so she can attend all training sessions? Wonderful!
By donating €125 you will adopt a Ghanaian expectant mother.

What will we pay from your donation?

  • 11 training sessions for your mama
  • A trained midwife who will provide all these sessions
  • Snacks and drinks for your mama during each training session
  • Visual handouts for your mama
  • Contribute to the use of a tablet for video education
  • Contribute to diagnostic material for the midwife to preform health checks
  • Transportation and fuel costs for the midwife

And what about you?
You will receive an email were we will introduce you to your mama. And we would like to introduce you to her too! Some days after her delivery you will receive a postcard and picture of the newborn baby.
Furthermore, you receive a lot of gratitude from your mama and MamaWise!