MamaWise – Ghana

The MamaWise foundation, located in Tamale,  is responsible for all activities in the Northern Region. Lotte Bierhuizen, founder and CEO, is responsible for the coordination and management of these activities.

MamaWise – the Netherlands 

MamaWise in the Netherlands is responsible for fundraising, recruiting volunteers and knowledge. The directors of the board preform their duties on a voluntary basis.


 The foundation in the Netherlands recruits volunteers with a specific background, e.g. midwife/nursing students, or volunteers with a professional background that are in line with MamaWise’ activities. Volunteers will preform specific tasks, and do not take over any duties from Ghanaian staff.

Ghanaian midwives

Ghanaian midwives will provide the group antenatal education. We strongly believe that they know all the norms, values, traditional believes and local language of the pregnant women in Northern Ghana and therefore be a perfect fit.

Midwives will be paid a salary according to local law and regulations.


MamaWise works closely together with the Ghana Health Servic (GHS) and their hospitals, clinics and staff. In every community there is a strong collaboration with its clinic.