Thank you mr. Zak!

To get the best possible feedback on our program, mr. Zak has conducted focus group discussions with our MamaWise participants. He has done a wonderful job! Thank you mr. Zak, we’re looking forward to be working with you in the near future again!

Fist BabyBoxes are distributed!

The first BabyBoxes have been handed out to ‘our’ Wise Mama’s at Central Hospital! Many thanks to our donors who made this possible and also many thanks to Nadia who has been very busy with putting them together!

Kidus & Karen lopen Pieterpad voor MamaWise!

Het Pieterpad van bijna 500 km lopen is al een hele prestatie op zich, maar helemaal als je 10 jaar bent! Kidus en zijn moeder Karen hebben vorige week een start gemaakt met het Pieterpad. En zij lopen dit ook nog eens voor MamaWise. Wat een eer!!
Wil jij Kidus & Karen ook aanmoedigen door ze te sponsoren? Dat kan per etappe, een aantal etappes of een ander mooi bedrag! Klik hier voor uitleg en sponsormogelijkheden.


Wil je weten hoe het hen de eerste 2 etappes is vergaan? Klik hier voor hun verslag van etappe 1 en hier voor etappe 2.

Wij wensen Kidus en Karen super veel succes!!


A generous donation from Francis!

Francis you are a hero! We’re so grateful for your generous donation. To clarify: Francis gave all of us involved with MamaWise a free training session on how to improve our online visibility, especially on LinkedIn. And we’ve learned so much!

Francis has her own company Met Francis. She can help you to – amongst others – improve your online and offline visibility. And above all that, she’s just a lovely person! Please, also check-out her website

Francis, thank you so much; for your knowledge, training, drinks and snacks!! A wonderful donation to MamaWise.

Cooking demonstration

Our first group of women received their cooking demonstration. They learned about nutrition during pregnancy and the importance of a four start diet. In total they cooked 8 local meals! Many thanks to nutritionist Mariam Bogobire who volunteered her time and knowledge to MamaWise. We’re super super grateful!
And thank you Nadia for facilitating the session and the beautiful pictures!

Our new volunteer: Nadia Benmbarek!


This is Nadia Benmbarek. Nadia is our new volunteer
here in Ghana. She is of fantastic help and is thereby also our BabyBox manager! We are very excited and happy to have Nadia on board. Do you want to know more about her? Click on this link.

Two wonderful meetings

Last weeks we have had  2 effective and positive meetings.
Our first meeting was with our advisory board; Dr. Gumanga, Dr. Femke and Madam Abiba were present. We have discussed the progress of MamaWise, the BabyBox and the first training sessions.

The second meeting took place with our two committed midwives, who will be providing the MamaWise training sessions. Both are very experienced and were able to provide a lot of feedback!

We can’t wait to get started with our fist training session!



A new team member!

Happy to introduce to you: Madam Hawabu Hamidu! Madam Hawa is joining MamaWise to provide our training sessions. We are delighted to have her on our team!

Hawa has years of experience as a midwife and is currently a part time lecturer at the University. Besides this, she is also a nurse and holds a master degree in Health Professions Education. Hawa studied in Canada and even in the Netherlands. Welcome Hawa!

MamaWise zoekt vrijwilligers

MamaWise start in November! Daarom zijn we op zoek naar extra handjes.
Vind jij het leuk om:

  • Ludieke sponsorevenement(en) te organiseren?
  • Fondsen aan te schrijven?
  • Naamsbekendheid voor MamaWise te creëren?
  • Promotie materiaal te ontwikkelen?
  • Of heb je zelf goede ideeën om MamaWise te helpen?

Ja? Te gek! Neem contact met ons op via onderstaand formulier: