In the Northern region of Ghana, expectant mothers who want to deliver in a clinic or hospital, need to purchase equipment and other materials that is needed during and after the delivery in advance. However, because women often are not familiar with these equipment or do not know what it is used for, many of them arrive in the clinic without all the necessary items. And therefore making a clean and safe delivery a challenge.

MamaWise encourage expectant mothers to deliver in a clinic or hospital. To ensure they bring the necessary items, MamaWise provides every participant who followed the antenatal classes with a BabyBasket. The content of the basket is based on the list of items provided by the hospital and contains a clean delivery kit, newborn essentials, and educational materials for example on breastfeeding. The basket itself provides a safe and clean sleeping space for the newborn baby.

The MamaWise BabyBasket is inspired by the Finnish Baby Box program. This original programme contributed to a dramatic reduction in infant mortality, from 65 out of 100,000 in the 1930s to the current 3.4 out of 100,000.