MamaWise is dedicated to reduce preventable infant and maternal mortality in Northern Ghana. MamaWise and expectant mothers are standing side-by-side in Northern Ghana. We stand for women friendly and easy accessible services with individual attention. We provide comprehensive and evidence-based trainings to equip women with knowledge, skills and confidence. Together with the MamaWise babybox we are dedicated to empower pregnant women and giving both mother and child the best start in life!

Lotte amongst some of the participants

MamaWise was founded from personal experience. It was during her own pregnancy that the founder of the organization, Lotte Bierhuizen, received many questions from Ghanaian pregnant women. Mostly very basic questions regarding pregnancy, delivery and newborn care. These women did not feel at ease with their midwives or doctors to ask them these kind of questions. For information and advice pregnant women mostly rely on ‘experienced mothers’ or their mother in law. Those without any professional background.

A small survey among forty pregnant women thereby confirmed the high need for this type of education.  Additionally, the maternal and infant mortality are alarmingly high in Ghana. In the Northern region, the maternal mortality has even increased over the past two years.

To foresee women in these needs and to support midwives in their work, MamaWise was founded with enormous enthusiasm and dedication in November 2016.