Antenatal education

MamaWise is introducing a new model of group-based antenatal education to address the barriers that women face in accessing information around maternal and newborn health. There are currently no other organisations or governmental institutions in the Northern Region of Ghana providing this service.

This form of antenatal education is unknown in the Northern region. Furthermore, our trainings are:

  • Given in small groups of maximum 15 women, where individual attention is guaranteed.
  • Participatory, fun and given in a stress free environment.
  • Interactive; besides our ‘regular’ education we will provide our women with video education tools and other visual materials.
  • Involving fathers-to-be and other gatekeepers in decision making for health care seeking.
  • Forming a support group by encouraging group participation in sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • Easy accessible: classes will be for free of charge and reaching out to the various communities.

Above all, MamaWise provides comprehensive, up-to-date, unbiased and evidence-based information to pregnant women related to pregnancy, labour and newborn care. The training programs are designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes. We encourage the women to share the information with other pregnant women in their communities.